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Gin & Tonic

You never know quite what the byways of Olde Astoria will throw your way. Some entertaining characters, to be sure. Like this one: our genuine, small-batch Painted Lady Gin, dancing a fizzy jig with her trusty friend, Tonic. That lively pair, stirring up notes of soaked rose and pepper wrapped in lavender. An amusing experience if there ever was one. Enjoy it with a friend, real or imaginary.

ALC. 10%



  • ACSA Packaging Award 2023 – Bronze
  • Beverage Tasting Institute 2022 – Silver
  • Bartender’s Spirit Awards 2022 – Silver
  • Beverage Tasting Institute 2022 – Silver
  • SIP Awards Best of the Northwest 2022 – Platinum

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Looking for a taste of Oregon, but can’t make it to our lovely state? No problem! Our delicious spirits are now available online to ship to Arizona, Alaska, Washington D.C., and within Oregon.

Handcrafted in Astoria, Oregon
The Spirits of the Coast